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1. Crash

About a thousand years ago, we started off as friends you know; When you're back in town I'll meet you back home; Help me see it like I did my old eyes, where you been; I won't chase you around, like ...

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2. Early Morning Phone Call

It was an early morning phone call December; That got my attention; They called to tell me that you were gone; You were the strength of all my hopes and inspirations; You were the music in my song; So...

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3. Grace

When you were young; You thought that maybe you could be the north star; You didn't know better; By age 14 they had your feet firmly planted on the ground; Some day you'll find out; What it is; That y...

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4. Johnny 9

Body found, no name, no story; Just a few lines on page 5; Nobody speaks, nobody steps forward; We're not the ones with the problem, we're still alive; Got theories, but nothing really strong; Only gu...

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5. Life

Rolling in and out of love; You're spilling ink on the pure white dove; You had a dream for how it'd be and it was not this; Slowly turn and look behind, your water never turned to wine; The third pit...

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6. Lifeline

Close my eyes you make me wait; Hold my breath you choose my fate; Everytime I start to care, I open up my eyes; And you're not there.... Get me thinking there's a chance; Thoughts like these are dang...

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7. Lucky Girl

I know what they don't know and all the things you hide; I see what you don't see behind your eyes; There's more to the picture than you'll ever see yourself; All you have to do is try; Hey, you're a ...

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8. Perfect Day

On a Sunday morning, far enough away, to understand; Why they say things never last; I hardly can remember, which way the road is going; i'll count a hundred cars before an hour's past; And I thank yo...

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9. Time

I don't want to be the one to tell you; You're bringing us down; Negative energy you keep bringing me; It's getting around; You keep hashing out the same old story; Again and again; Caught between wha...

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10. Until You Look Away

It was two weeks ago yesterday, I watched you leave my place; There's a shirt you left behind, on the front it says "shine"; Well I don't feel like shining today, so I fold it up and put it away; What...

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