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1. Blood King

Thousand of bloody corpses flow in a river of blood, it will drag them towards Hell. They are quartered and martyrized by themselves. ; Our bloody king incarnated in a ferocious slayer, will all devou...

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2. Ghost

Out Of The Night, They Came With Bad Intention; They Had One Thing In Mind, Rape A Peaceful Nation; Their Motives Were Clear, There's Death Everywhere; An Insatiable Greed, Genocide, Extermination; Li...

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3. Infinity Human Suffering

All the world is conscious; of the endless suffering; impending on all humanity. It’s vile end perseverant, it’s objective is to wear the mind; and the human soul, to destroy the man; with a mortal de...

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4. Sickly Theatre

The train of death; continue his mad run, unknown is the destination. Many questions, many doubts, immense terror. Terrible visions appear, the painful child cry; Unable to understand and to will. Peo...

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5. The Beginning

I can’t believe…; Life can impose you its path; And you are alone. You can’t fight its hostility. I hope you, my friend, Can understand me. I tell you all my emotions; Which hardly find a place; In my...

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6. Zaburon

Evil sounds burst in me, I’m turning into a morbid beast; crushing and smashing I escape from my cage room, I jump into the darkness, where unreal creatures; all around; offer me their throne. My ego ...

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