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1. Buckle Up

[Verse 1]; vocal chords stretched; breakin every bone in the beat; fuck a Source; my shit is five mics on the street; z-mainey, onions on my breath, make you cry; you know the skinny guy, covered in f...

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2. Come Gurp With Me

[Z-Man]; I crawl outa bed about 8 in tha mornin'; start gurpin 8:30 today is my birthday; it's august 14th and I'm guzzling Rossi; I got me a 40 aint nothin gon' stop me; I'm awfully faded, made it, t...

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3. Glued

[Z-Man]; nothin but bussin and cussin and rippin over sommmethin tight; homie go hit it, get loose; spittin and flippin rippin outrageously and bomb on sight; look at 'em homie got glued (word); ready...

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4. Z-mutiny

[Z-Man]; I don't think so rellie; z-dazzle, goin' mutiny; dont y'all get in his way; whassup man; he's lethal, bustin through people; get the fuck up out of his way; [Z-Man]; give me that motherfuckin...

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