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1. A Roll Of The Dice

I'm just a gambler, baby, and I call your bluff; Win or lose, I never get enough; I got the fever, baby, got to get to you; Spin the wheel, I'm coming thru, yeah; Don't you wanna play the game, baby; ...

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2. After The Rain

A tear in your eyes; is an eclipse of the sun. But i realize life goes on. ; Oh, my love, it's only a cloud to go. Oh, my love; , it's only a cloud. Tell me you know. After the rain, after the rain. N...

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3. Body To Body

Oh my! I just can't stop looking; the way you move like, that accross the floor; that, body looks kind a deadly; just slide on over, and let me see some more; No, its not going down like that; work, a...

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4. Don't Say No

Your body's hot for danger; I've got my hands on you; Your heart is beating faster; Ain't nothing you can do; Somebody's out to steal your soul; And get you hooked on love; Somehow the point of no ret...

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5. Face Down In The Gutter

Well it's 2 am, I've got a heartache to go; I've been waiting too long for my baby to show; I've got 2.5 off a bottle or; two; And damn if I know what a man's got to do; So look if you want me tonight...

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6. Feels Good

Intoxicating pleasure; Nothing is so sweet; Honey, than the blood in my veins. Now the way im feelin; I'm not as sure im heat; I can't wait to go down in flames. Ow; I'm closing on you'r body; You shi...

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7. H.h. Boogie

You got your back against the wall; Only rising up to go down again; You bend too far, you're bound to fall; Baby, ooh, you won't feel no pain; Lucky now I've got some kind of remedy; Tell me, baby; D...

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8. Nice Day To Die

Early sky, morning sun; I made it to the light; To realize I'm too far gone; To face another night; Dreams don't last forever; Somebody lied, somebody lied; It's a nice day to die; A nice day to go; S...

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9. Off To The Sun

They're injecting the fuel; And it's powering my veins; Now the monster is full; And we're leaving; Can you see the fire under; Can you hear the roll of thunder; Counting down to 4 3 2 1; Hang on now ...

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10. Souvenirs

Once I walked across the skies, Found a dream in your eyes. And then rain came along. Once i slept upon the clouds, Ignoring all my doubts. Now i'm back where i belong; Souvenirs, Close enough to tast...

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11. Tied Up

Maybe I'm under a spell; Addiction is blind; Ooh, sorry, heaven or hell; I don't seem to mind; And I'm caught in a game; Where a heartache is fine; I pull on the chain; When pleasure is pain; All the ...

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12. What Keeps Me Loving You

Everytime I walk away it feels so wrong; Tell me why I never stay where I belong; Ohhh - Take me home; I dream of the town and the blue of your eye; Ohhh - Take me home; What keeps me loving you; It's...

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13. When I Find Love

All alone I stand; Black and blue inside; Stranger on this land; Where dreams; are known to hide; Does it matter now; Words we never meant; I saved my heart somehow; But I can't forget; When I find lo...

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