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1. Black Bible

Turn the pages of evil; Read with ill intent; To spread this deadly gospel; We unholy are sent; Life to us is meaningless; Death is what we need; Don't be kind and generous; Turn to hate and greed; [C...

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2. Die On The Cross

Now the sentenced has been passed, death will soon be here; The time has come for him to die, his face tormented fear; Pilate washed his hands of him, nothing can be done; To stop the anti-Christians ...

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3. Frozen Mind

Torment in your brain; You won't feel much pain; Numbness setting in; But you won't give in; Evil all around; Menace you have found; Destroyed, brain death; No remorse, nothing left; [Chorus:]; Hatred...

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4. Genetic Deformity

Unable to see, unable to hear; Your whole life is lived in fear; Weakened arms, sickly legs; A useless being of no consequence; Might as well have been drowned; For all your use on this earth; A waste...

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5. Inquisition

Hunter and hunted gasping for breath, the inquisitors closing in; Crimes against church and crimes against crown are your deadly sins; Surrounded by many, protected by few, you throw your weapons to t...

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6. Massacre Of The Priests

Join us now with all your wrath; Help destroy men of the cloth; Plaster gods that mean nothing; We must change everything; They must all be destroyed; All of their life devoid; They must be laid to re...

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7. Sentenced By Pilate

Who is this man before me and what crime has he done? Do you want me to free him or let Barabas run? Barabas is a murderer, an evil man, a thief; Yet you want me to destroy Jesus to satisfy your belie...

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8. Subnormal

You're no use to man, born with half a brain; A total waste of life, misery making being; Destruction at birth would have been the best; For you and your family, the doctors whose time you waste; [Cho...

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9. Suicide

Manic depression, your mind's a blank; Ready and waiting to die; No future, your life's a waste; Which method of suicide to try? Hanging is quick and easy; No mess and no blood to see; Slashed wrists,...

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