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1. My Last Words

Before I go; I want to apologize myself; for all the things I've done wrong; My deeds betrays me; With eyes filled; I staind this paper; with guilty and shame; My soul gasps sorrow; ; In front a mirro...

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2. Rewind Everything

Your heart is bleeding; Deep inside your thoughts; This is not a nightmare; The deception, the deceit; It´s your desease; You were wrong; And your pride was damaged; Feel your heart crashing; It make ...

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3. Right Path To Be Followed

Master, I am so sorry; I've been imature; innocent like a child; but now I know; "Follow your path son"; Your words made me understand; that I have to move on; You gave me everything I need; Respect, ...

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4. Shadows And Mirrors

Why?!?!?! One more day (your time has come); there's no way; i've cut my face; i've changed my mind; no one will ask why (you are sick and tired); now i slit my wrists; once again i'll cry; all my lif...

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5. The Coldest Pain

In all your life you have made mistakes; Even in the hard times you don't give up; You were wondering "What's is happening?"; Everything is just upsidedown; You have to think about in what is done; Se...

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6. Under The Rain

here i am, wet again; black clouds covers the sky; every falling drip, remind me; some memory of mine; i'm choking on my past; living behind the lies; this dirty water reflects; how much i've changed;...

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