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1. Apology

sweat drips in my eyes…screams of lust we cry; tonight you are everything to me…you’re everything…; you’re everything to me no more; as I wake from this perfect dream; i’ll escape from eden’s walls…; ...

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2. Eriatarka

and there are those who; hadn't found the speaking so wrong; is it wrong; of pavolov lore; they ran rampant through the floors; is this wrong; feels so wrong; happened on a respirator; in the basement...

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3. First Rock

is that someone you used to date; why she´s hanging around here, what´s her story; doesn´t she know that its too late; that the party is over and the car is for me; why dont u tell her what´s been goi...

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4. Girls Not Grey

i’ll lay me down tonight much further down, swim in the calm tonight. this art does drown. ; what follows me as the whitest lace of light just begs to be imbrued? what follows will swallow whole. what...

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5. He Wasn't

There's not much going on today. I'm really bored, it's getting late. What happened to my saturday? Monday's coming, the day i hate. ; Sit on the bed alone, staring at the phone. He wasn't what i want...

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6. Nobody Til You

I never walked on water; Never saw a reason to be going out that far; I never found a star, then made a wish; But now the sky is listenin' to my heart; They can break me, make me; If they want, they c...

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7. Now Or Never

I'm just trying to figure out what's wrong with your head; Every time I look around you're somewhere else instead; I wanna ask you why but every time i try, you cry; Bridge:; And I want you to know wh...

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8. Nunk Volvera

lo encontraron dias despues con las manos blancas de pintar. su nombre en la pared y el tuyo junto a él, borrado de pensar; que nunca volverá, que nunca ha estado allí, que todas las promesas que hizo...

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