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1. Boy

Everyday you hear the big guys screaming; Back and forth see the sharp glass hit the wall; I close my eyes to see if i'm still dreamin’; Not so lucky punk, open up and see it all; Turn my head to feel...

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2. Can't Fool Me

Verse 1; Watch these eyes turn black as night; Ill explode, that’s right; Sick of all these goddam lies; You spit and dribble your shit; Its about time you know, no-one believes the shit you blow; ; H...

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3. Do U Like It?

Its like a TV screen; Like a video, on playback; This is all the shit i've seen; Take a good look you cant buy that; Wanna see you moving now; Goin sick, with ya hands up; Close your eyes can you feel...

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4. Stud

CHORUS; I’m a Stud; That’s what I said; Yeah I’m a Stud; Come to my Bed; VERSE 1; I get wiggedy whacked when I’m at home; Grab some bitch to play while I’m alone; I ask her to come to my room; Lets ge...

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5. Underwater

Verse 1; Open up to see past these eyes; These eyes are open but they never realise; Once the sun the sun has become; The way, the hand, fall now my time has come; The chosen one will fade back into b...

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