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1. Alive

Alive; Alive; You know that I lie; And Im sure you dont like; But Im not giving damn to what you think; Youve been always wrong; Cheating for so long; Its just what you deserve to be in the mud; But s...

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2. Bullets In My Head

Taking their advices; Doing what they say means; A bullet in my head, A bullet in my head; Their best intentions; And my worst sensations; Turn over my head, like a bullet in my head, yeah; A bullet i...

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3. Nowhere

I wonder why you re always gone; Specially when I need someone; Instead of dreaming of you; I have nightmares about what Im going through; And you re not here; You re not there; You re Nowhere, You re...

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4. Vicious Game

Lost in time and space; Got to figure it out; Maybe Im walking backwards; Or maybe Im just out of bounds; As youre playing with me; Should now I roll the dice? At the end you will win; But your prize ...

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