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1. Home Sweet Home

Welcome to the end of everything we know and love; Pushed to the brink of extinction, welcome to hell! I cannot conceive how any of this came to be; I cannot believe what's before my fucking eyes; In ...

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2. I Will Not Back Down

I am holding on, never to let go; My life's promise is everything to me; You can try to take this from me; Tell me that this trend will fade; I've got news for a fuck-up like you; My faith is here to ...

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3. No Right To Breathe

Coward, you prey on innocence as if it's your right to take by force; I've seen this all before, rip the heart from from her chest; Rape the life right from her fuckin breath; Testosterone controls yo...

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4. Still Standing

Run away, go ahead and ruin your life; turn your back, I promise i wont lose sleep; with motives based on deceit, you've left your friends behind; It's become so clear to see your life is a lie; you w...

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