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1. By My Own Means

Despite what you believe. I'll withstand the test of time, backed by my honor and integrity. and this eternal commitment of mine. Years will pass, people will change, but beliefs will stay the same. D...

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2. Eight 1/4

Exposed for the fakes they are. Given up on our dream. Their once commitment past, forgotten oh so fast, disavowing everything. Our commitment still remains straight to this very day. This one is to, ...

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3. Get Something

You can scream at the top of your fucking lungs. No one hears a word you say. Your meaningless words turn into meaningless songs, which are a waste of fucking time. Youre not here to make a difference...

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4. If Only Words Could Kill

You can try to retract your words, but now its much too late. Whats done is done they say, but sometimes it just cant be erased. Time heals all wounds, but these are too deep, I've found I wont be hap...

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5. Infection

Complacent. You just sit back and take the life thats given to you, without first stopping to question those dated ideals that you adhere to. Youll follow blindly down any path that you are lead, maki...

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6. Live It Up

To you it's just the same old story, Nothing in your mind has changed. Your sustained affinity for suicide, Makes me question your sense of reality. After all the textbook cases, The tried and true st...

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7. Marked

I'm marked by an X, staple of a generation. This path of self preservation is my alternative. Our lives are held together, by one common goal of being true til death. And breaking the standards set. O...

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8. One Chance

Never thought it'd be so easy; to turn your back and walk away. Something that held such meaning; has disappeared because you came of age. ; Now you could never take it back. You only get one chance, ...

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9. Who Can I Count On

I'll be here, but what about you? Seems you have lost the faith. Your will so strong that it would never bend has lost all of its conviction as of yesterday. Since when did true, not mean for life? So...

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10. Written In Blood

The Killing begins. Hope for humanity ends. Thousands line up to die to fight an enemy, one that cant be seen by human eyes. All compassion goes up in flames when your God involved and a lack of sanit...

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11. Xrepresentx

It's a matter of honor. It's a matter of pride. Stay true to yourself. Stay true to what's inside. ; Represent; Be yourself, stay true, show the whole fucking world.

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