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1. Angel And The Beast

As I stare into space, you see my fall from grace. A madness slowly takes me, is this to be my fate? Like famine before the feast, I'm waking from my sleep. It's time to make a choice, between the ang...

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2. Bleed And Shout

Taking time to carve a line; Pushing down into your world; Trying hard to make it mine; Close your eyes my little girl; Extracting souls through your spine; My intrusion, penetrating; Sucking out all ...

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3. Cuttin'n'drinkin

Slice and dice my dear. It’s twice as nice with fear. You like being cut; And he is so near; He likes drinking; Who cares what they’re thinking? You… you like giving; And now you’re sinking; Everyone’...

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4. Das Licht

And so I woke, into the light. To touch your face, it felt so bright. But after light comes dark, and after laughter tears. I ate my cake to swallow my fears. ; I saw it dim, I saw it flicker. I pulle...

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5. Dreamt Of Blue

Those who follow, live on their knees, Those who lead will surely fall. So put your shoulder to the wheel, And feel your back against the wall. ; So feel the rain and walk this city; Human waste, feel...

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6. Ephedra

EPHEDRA [BDC VERSION]; I need the beat to hit me where it hurts! I need the beat to keep me going on! I need the beat to feed the fear that grows! I need the beat to beat me, all night long!

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7. Escape Velocity

We are trapped, in a memory. And so they swallow, every part of me. We just ask, if they can only see. Just how tight, they are holding me. ; All we feel, is a hole. Something's missing from our soul....

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8. Flatline

Life support is falling; Ground control isn't calling; Time is passing slowing down; Oxygen is running out; Sirens sound a warning; So clear this morning; Batteries about to die; So blue the sky; Flyi...

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9. Forgive

I just can't wash your taste away, I taste you, night and day. I try hard to close my eyes. It helps ignore your lies. ; I taste my tears again, and now I need your rain. And so, I forgive you now. I ...

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10. Liebling

I cast her into the void with a glad heart. She'll never know the pain I felt from the very start. ; I'd like to feel the rain, soaked through, once again. I start to feel the tears, I remember only p...

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11. Lies

You lift your whip to kill our will; You smash us sore and we crush our souls; You pierce our flesh and yet we curse ourselves; You torture us to tears; But it's our thoughts we fear; Twist that spike...

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12. Muv Your Dolly

She’s my little dolly, she does as I ask; Waiting for my word, whilst the hours pass; I make my Dolly move, I nudge her into line; Pushing her along, she gives me all her time; I command and order, to...

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13. Not There

You didn't have to let me down. In the end you weren't around. All I needed: another time. But someone else drew the line. ; I had to try to take control. But all the waiting took its toll. No one wat...

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14. Our Being

We are men of the millennium; We lie and we cheat; We can’t find our way; So we use who we meet; There’s nothing we can’t do; Nothing we can’t take; So we’ll eat you; Steal what we can’t make; Pollute...

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15. Our Scars

She takes me down, into her world. She takes my breath, my scary girl. She licks me up and spits me out. She takes it all, except my doubt. She saw through me, my empty lies. It took one smile to seiz...

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16. Purity

She was just sixteen, somewhere he’d never been. Passion hides in strange places, sometimes where it's not so clean. He was on his knees, she was there to please. He can't stop it now, they have to sa...

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17. Seed

Within each seed there is a flower; Within each death a new power; A new life a new beginning; When you lose I'm winning; Lost and found, no admission; Closeness means submission; You had reasons, I h...

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18. She Says

She says, "Just let it" - She says, "Just let it hurt"; She says, "Just let it" - She says, "Just let it hurt"; I say, "I'm nervous" - She says, "you're perfect"; I say, "It'll hurt us" - She says, "j...

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19. Straight Down

I've done it now, don't ask me how. I wonder why it always has to die. ; Are we men or mice when we throw the dice? Now my fate is bound, gonna go straight down. ; Got my head up high, as I watch the ...

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20. The Fall

I saw you standing there, on your own. I had to stare, if only I'd known. ; I was so scared, I felt a fear. Would you care when I was near? I stared so hard, all I could do. I couldn't get that close ...

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21. The Slightest Sound

Should we sleep, for a while? Will you weep, or spit your bile? Drench me like the rain, Wash my tears away again. I can't resist my only fate, Why are you so easy to hate? You lift me from the floor,...

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22. Wet Dream

I breathe your air, I taste your lips; I bite your kiss, your finger tips; I feel you close, I take your soul; Don't stop me now, so close to home; Your lips on mine, I'll push inside; You take my smi...

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