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1. Animal

I want you like, you're mine tonight; I want it all; Do you bite, well so do I; Yeah I'm an Animal; You be the prey, and I'll be the predator; I want it all; I can't be tamed, I'm a cold blood killer;...

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2. Blood Honey

Tell me what you want from me? (want from me); I just want your blood honey (blood honey); You know what you are to me? (are to me); Nothing but spilled blood honey (blood honey); Oh, oh, eh, oh, oh, ...

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3. Boys Don't Cry

Tell me what are you running from; Is it love or money? Tell why you shout right at me; Can't you see I'm happy? Is it love or money? Like Ak-47 with words; Set my automatic (shoot, shoot) where it hu...

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4. Chaos

When did you get so weak? (oh honey); What happened to those childish dreams? (oh honey); When did all the bridges burn? (oh honey); What made you stop and turn? (oh honey); You overthink and you wond...

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5. Cocaine Karma

I am nothing but a fool; Left my family for you; I'm a thief, a cheating liar - cocaine drama; It's back, bad karma, karma; You're my sickness, my health; You know me too well; I run but there's nowhe...

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6. Lucifer

I want him to meet his maker; I used to be a lover, now I'm a hater; My passion to succeed is watching him bleed; Oh lord, what have become of me? Once upon a time, I was a fool; To cool for school, g...

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7. Paradise

Your silhouette in the far everywhere that I go; You disappear in the dark, you're like my shadow; And I can feel your presence in the air; (tell me if you're there); Sometimes I swear I can hear you ...

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8. Scarface

My sweatshirt says Wutang; I'm a saint in a flipped gang; Hashish and buffalo shoes; Skinheads in bombers and boots; In Stockholm to pick fights; Train-surfing the blue line; Unleash my taekwondo move...

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