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1. A Wonderland Insane

Take a look into my eyes and witness a blackish emptiness you've never seen before; A unique horror to anyone who hasn't seen what's beyond infinity; Trapped in a labyrinth of madness, a gallery of ha...

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2. Demonhearted

Did you ever think of what lurks inside of me? A mighty roaring demon waiting to be unleashed; Embodiment of human fears, hatred and disgust; Finally your worst nightmares 'came true in me; Burning ac...

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3. Epoch Of Unlight

We forge our lives in the fire of lies; With the hammer of falseness on the anvil of disguise; Cruelty is our blade, irony our shield; We cover ourselves in an armor of cynism; This state already last...

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4. Killing Is All

Here I stand, a broken man; Betrayed by the people that I called my friends; Now they're gone - I've sent them to hell; I'm not the jester of a system to fail; I trusted them all - they broke my neck;...

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5. Left Me To Die

How could things run out of control so quick and unforeseen? We lost ourselves in a personal war, an unnecessary ridiculousity; All my attempts to reach you were bound to fail; I raised no accusations...

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6. Not Until You're Dead

Do you still remember what you wanted your life to be? Now look at yourself - what have you become? A weakened body with a mutilated mind; Once full of dreams, now numb and empty; The dreams you dream...

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7. Of Hunter And Deer

More than a thousand times I played it in my mind; The game of hunter and deer; I followed your track, my senses were sharp; To satisfy my desire to kill; But when I trapped you and you couldn't run a...

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8. Rpg

The game is set up; The dice have been thrown; Choose your character and start right in; Beginners pick stereotypes, professionals will customize; But it's all within the limits, no way to be yourself...

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9. The Dreamer

On the search for a universal truth there are less answers than questions; Sooner or later you will find out there's no such thing; It's a utopic imagination which only fools will believe in; Truth is...

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