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1. Dance With Me

I need to wake up, Before I sleep forever. My eyes are closed shut, To protect me from danger. ; Put your hand in mine, Can we leave tonight? Pull the covers over our heads, And hold on to me tight. ;...

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2. Friends

you gave up at the start; you know you're better than that; and i'm not buying into the words; that fall out of your mouth; can you still remember the long rides home; with friends that meant everythi...

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3. High School

Back in high school my imagination ran wild, Of all the things I’d do to you. But my love had a strangle hold on me, And she cursed your name a thousand times, But I’ve got you now. And you helped me ...

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4. Is It Worth It

Im driving all the way back home, Cause I dont think you want me here anymore, Weve been through this a thousand times, And yet it still comes as a surprise, When every single answer to your question ...

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5. Race Car

There is not one single person in the world that I owe more than you, If I could turn back the time, wed play I Spy literally all the time, Cause I remember your racecar, and milkshakes with fries aft...

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6. Stars

Do you know why Im here? I cant take it anymore. Ive got a blanket for two, All we need is the moon. ; Be careful and hold my hand, You can put your trust in me. I never want this to end, So kiss me o...

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7. The Walls

Creep around your body, Circling like a vulture. My feet are dragging, On this wooden floor, Every step I take is like walking on a bed of needles. ; Its becoming damp, Cause the room is filling with ...

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