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1. A Year From Now

There was a time not long ago when our support was good enough. What happened? I think I know. Now you've got no time for our petty, kid's stuff. They flashed some green and so long to our scene. You'...

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2. Agree To Disagree

I can't live my life with my back to the wall. Can't walk this road always on the defense. I think I'll let my heart make the call. When my faith is being put to the test. (You can test me all you wan...

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3. All Aces

The hand is on and I'm on top; Made my quads when we were dealt the flop. And no one, no one can beat this hand; I'm at the wheel and I'm in command; Now that everything is going my way; Can't be bluf...

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4. Disappearing Act

So after while guess I wasn't in style. But none of that mattered to us too much. Mile after mile I still wear a smile. Even when my "friends" say I'm out of touch. ; We hear you loud and clear. But y...

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5. Displacement Theory

Holding on. Holding on to what I have of you. Sometime it seems it's all I ever have. It's true that a memory, a memory is keeping me alive. I'm not being possessive if I need you to survive. ; Displa...

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6. Each Step

Twenty-five years old and I don't really have a clue. Of where I'm supposed to be; Supposed to achieve. But I've got no doubt that You're going to see me through. And it's like I've got it all, althou...

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7. For Those Who Believe

We can't thank you enough for all you've done. For all the ways you've helped us out. Taking on projects we know aren't fun. Because you believe in what we're about. ; You open up your heart or your h...

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8. Heroes Of Your Revolution

So you want to be punk rock; Yeah that's right. Are you willing to revolt? Are you ready to fight? So you want to be different; From the norm; Are your boots laced up? Are you in uniform? Who are the ...

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9. I Ain't Mad At Cha

Me and you just a few years back. We were friends til the end. The world was white and black. Then stupid things were said and now it's all gone grey. My pride got in the way. I never said the things ...

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10. Not For Sale

Acceptance -; what a poisonous word; and a poisonous thing for which we strive. Rejected -; they'll kick you out of the heard; and deny you what you need to survive. ; But we don't; even care. Our hea...

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11. Sidelines

Talk about the spirit of '88; that's great! You kids today don't even know hardcore; anymore! Well I happen to think things are cool the way they are. So far so good, take you attitude home. I wish yo...

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12. Take Care

There are things in life no one should forgo. All of which are within your control. Things that if you treat them like gold. They'll complete your life and make you whole. ; First of all there is your...

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13. The Path We Tread

Have I given enough of myself to make a difference? Have I given enough of myself to bring a change? Have I worn my heart on my sleeve or poured it out on the page? Have I left a piece of myself on st...

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14. War Tells All

The pain we've caused with words we've said. The subtle ways it's messed with our heads. It's easy to say that we're upset. And use that as a safety net. To mask the truth and cover the lies. But all ...

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15. You're Worth It

You're worth so much more than how you treat youself. So much more than the credit that you give. You deserve way better than they treat you. But it's never too late to change how you live. ; Letting ...

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