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1. Black Box

Who will ever know? I love you so. Who will ever know, where did you go when brightness falls? Time is on my mind, giving me plans to align. Who will ever know, going to home to my soul, I remember it...

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2. Butterflies

Today I'm searching for living proof of the promises. I'm up on the roof with no confidence, urged to fly but my wings fail again. I'm back inside four walls. Our silence pushes the time around. You'r...

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3. Let The Angels Go

Where did the angel go? Her wings on my mind. Heaven could flow this time. All things beautiful... let the angels go. ; Let the angels go; It's blocking the flow; All I've got is time; If you believe;...

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4. Polite Conversation

I wake up naked and I'm dripping out of bed, but I can't get out the door. Stumbling tripping over everything I've said raising bruises by the score. Alice in Wonderland never had anything on you, a n...

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5. Why do I?

I seek the signs in the stones of the street, A traveler's prayer. People brush past but our paths never meet, I'm not there. I breathe in dust so my blood finds a way, through and through. Something ...

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