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1. Furor Antiquus

Antiquitus in cor de aether; Sum solvi nimios furor; Venio infelix tenebricus aethers; Et in terrae esse formae procella quem; Extintio e destruye vitia. Nihi quid cum materiae ni corpus, Pervenire fu...

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2. In Deamones Imperium

Trans vastibarum collibum; Sonaritis nostri immortalis cantus; Evocitis essentia cosmican; Quam spectat in spatiis obliviis; Quando mortum vulgarem; Sorum vitarum diarorum; Et trivialis Jesus; Mortum ...

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3. Itzam Cab Ain Katun

I stand with joy over the top of the itzam cab ain; And glimpse; The final halo in sky; The huge sound of the flutes; Reigns all over the immense fussiness; Flowers get extinguished; My mat is the onl...

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4. Sac Ibteeloob Cab

As the serpent creeps on the stairs up to her kingdom; As she covers the sun and blind small creature’s eyes; As her world fulfil the emptiness; As her empire submit these lands; As these oceans of tr...

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5. Sign Of Eastern War

Sons of mythic eastern lands; under the vengeance incarnated; Into the battle were fighting; over the blood red landscapes; United by the light that came over the sea; With fire in my eyes; now the mo...

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