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1. Closed

Close...me...Closed; Seing Dead People's walking close to me; My head confusing; I don't know what is real; Do you know what is real ? Why are you telling me what to do; I can help myself (without you...

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2. Deep Inside (touching Me)

Get out of my dreans-Now... ; .To Final coming sometimes all gets back on contrary . . Sometimes like someone has watching me . . I Have seen this like a knot you have no Idea of the fear... So blind ...

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3. Dominated

Once again you are here; Siting with your ass the walkpath thinking how to change things... It doesn't matter,you couldn't change anything, change what ? Welcome to hell, dont't worry with the lost so...

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4. My Scape

I Can see Outside...you; Don't understand what I have aways make; To know what you want from me... Give me the key to my disorder. ; .It's will doesn't save me from who I am. .don't you see where I li...

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