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1. A dark way

I 'm a man now; And the time is no long so cruel; The unknow way never scared me! I feel, there is a thing, and only I can see! I'm not a victim; I'm a survivor; what happened didn't make me stop; wit...

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2. A Nephyl among us

I feel in my neck! there is suffering; as people wait the deception in all their lives; the uncertainty inflates my ego and hurts my soul; I always knew we don't have escape; oh my god; ! and my first...

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3. Close wings

Close wings

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4. Sapien (Call me disaster)

I know, I m not; should be! People can't see; what they preach! ; Wolf or fox doesn't matter; I'm trying to control myself; my acts depend of you! ; Did I ask your advice? Did someone call you behind ...

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5. The arsonist (Presto set fire)

I didn't notice the color of your eyes; actually I noticed, I just don't care; in my head I am the master; I'm the one that burns without complain; and suffer for not acting; every card played on the ...

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6. The walker

I heard stories, that I was a gift send by god; Someone told me that I was more then; but the facts show me a darkest way; Today I have nothing, just my self, and my past; I am a walker, and I carry w...

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