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1. Abominations

The tree shall be thorn in half, the bird shall be severd from the sky, the water shall turn red as death, the maggot shall seek the light, then within the heart of each, lies an icon of our destructi...

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2. Bestia Infernali

Cold death-wish fierce anguish; Great force we are one; May sigh when angels will die again; Fate doom you are done; It has returned... ; All hail the beast infernal; All hail the beast from hell; All...

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3. Blood Of The Stars

Trans-mutating through the burdens; of time; Subconsciously behind; Constellation a morbid fascination; For the signs of modern death; Behold beheld begotten; Children of the stars; Primordial chosen ...

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4. Dragon's Breath

Burn in my red fire; Waiting to go to hell; Burning desire; In the night when my demon-heart ignites; Pumping fire all through my veins; Hard-hitting heart too hard; Chorus:; Burn it down in the name ...

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5. Inducted Throughout Time

Visited through mysteries, cataclysmic destruction; Frantic instincts learned through induction; Channeled dimension, captive of time; Thievery conception, specimen dissection; Prisoner of certain red...

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6. On The Most Blackened Wings

On the most blackened wings of death; We're raging on and on; On the wings of Armageddon; Nocturnal mercenaries send; Gonna fight until the end; On the blackened wings of darkness; Swirling clouds of ...

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7. Once Upon Armageddon

Revelations of spectacular kind; Blows your spirit, blows your mind; Cloak and dagger drives you; staggering blind; Trick or treat it will haunt you down... down; Punishment gone unbound; Ecstasy, amb...

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8. Plight Of The Cimmerian

Excavation of barbarism; Plundering on thy frozen plain; Trecherous bred Nordic breed; Hein code, riddle of steel; Destined rulers of Vanaheim; Purveyors of the Asgard realm; Repelling invaders from t...

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9. Post-human (the X-morph Deathcult)

Here's a story I can't tell; About a soul who went to hell; And the day that it returned; With crafts and images; that I had learned; I take the lid of the dead; Cryptic lyrics I once said; With Great...

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10. Storm Innocent Eve

Storm sweet innocent Eve; The world lies at your feet; Lured in the celestial temple; Creating both Cain and Abel; Storm sweet innocent Eve; Until victory has been achieved; Your force sweeps the skyl...

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11. Subspecies

Centuries of darkness; Battling, enslaving Romanians and Turks; Vanquishing, raising fear in all; Immortal king of the undead arise! From your eternal sleep among mortals; The archangel offers bloodst...

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12. The Keep

Soldiers march across the holy lands; On a quest for mountain sanctuary; Warned by many, but few took heed; Ascending the frigid Alps; In search of salvation and God's treasures; Encased in this fortr...

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13. Valley Of The Kings

Entrenched throughout a valley of limestone; Resides the remains of kings past; Peering through the pitch darkness; Ceremonial priest begins transformation rituals; Tomb of Seti, noble, 19th dynasty; ...

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14. Wehrmacht

All shall shriek in horror from our ominpotence! I'm an entity drawn here, crossed from another time; Arisen from my grave of eternity, perceived a God; To rule the whole of humanity, flesh of my fles...

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