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1. Alpha And Omega

Give praise; To him who walks along with God; Who rides along with Him in His saddle; Redeem your soul on earth; You who hold on to the glory in the highest; But is it for ourselves that we truly call...

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2. Creaking Shards

Grasping a glass knife; Running through the depths of the cold night; Black emotions burn the chest; And carve my name on the moon; Inside the deep woods, a wolf enveloped by darkness; Sent by the god...

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3. Gently Fall The Stars

Your slender fingertip; Searches out my heart just so; It tells of life's certain trembling; Finally the world gently flows out; That's--but...lost dreams; Forgetting them is too beautiful; A captive ...

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4. Small Two Of Pieces

Run through the cold of the night; As passion burns in your heart; Ready to fight, a knife held close by your side; Like a proud wolf alone in the dark; With eyes that watch the world; And my name lik...

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5. Spring Lullaby

A shining spring wind comes across the hills; Comes to wake me, grasping my knees in sleep; A still-sleepy tiny grass seed below the snow; Was waiting, embraced by this wide earth; The snow melts away...

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6. Star Of Tears

Your fingertips moving gently to my heart; The force of light goes on and on; The song remains; Like a haunting melody; Of angel music held in chains; And I ask you; Can we ease the pain of those who ...

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7. The Staircase Of Light

A parade crosses the dead center of my heart; You come, clicking your heels; A melody, just learned, to an empty plaza; Lighting a rose-colored lamp and moving on; Lively dreams soon slip through your...

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8. Two Wings

Stars fall, held by the sky; I hear a nostalgic voice; Why were we two born? And why do we call out to each other? On ecan't fly alone; Not with only one wing; I go up the stream of fate; Leaving on a...

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