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1. All Our Time

I just rent a scooter then I, ride; I got my homie, yeah my shooter by my, side; I got a whip but it ain't much, it still be, live; And when we get back, we gon' take it for a, drive; I got the window...

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2. Blind man

I can love you with my eyes closed; I don't lose sight of your beauty; 'Cos your heart is fine gold baby; Imma take my time with your mind; Your ambition won't leave me alone; Tell me 'bout your dream...

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3. Like I Feel (Ft. Mereba)

Take your time, think about if you doubt; This is what you want, 'cause I give up now; I don't wanna lose my friend; Swear I tried (Swear I tried) , lettin' go (Lettin' go) , but I won't; I've been ro...

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4. So Much More

Who would've thought that we would make it here? Knew that our hearts would overtake our fears; So we grow and we learn from each other; From "Hello", to just friends into lovers; So glad you took a c...

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