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Letra da Música Theo Sound Of a Glinting Blade de Xanthochroid

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I heard the Forest sing
Songs of my youth
I'd never felt such pain before

You held my hand that day
You were my Sun before the dawn
The darkened morning I have loved so long

I don't recall that day
And I never thought of you when I cried
You know the place
And I never wondered why

Where memory sleeps and secrets hide
You left so suddenly

Silence fills this place
Naught but a memory of your embrace
You, servile and sweet
Soft as the sediment beneath our feet
Far beyond the trees
We roamed
Yet, now, I plead

Recall the plans we made
Dreams once so bold
The jealous Sun stood still and cold

What now has time revealed?
A tepid pool of youth misspent
A faded tapestry of dreams undreamt

Strange, how you recount
Wanton days, blissful nights
Strange, as it seems
There was suffering
And pain you never knew
How could you?

Do not welcome Death
He offers no peace
For even in death
We will know the pains
We have left behind

Far beyond the trees
I long to be
A deeper stream
Free from
Flows endlessly
Your incessant dream
Toward my dream

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Número de Palavras 157
Número de Letras 1051
Intérprete Xanthochroid

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