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1. All The Money In The World

Plush satin sheets, clean and new; A trophy house with empty rooms; To this you toast a hungry ghost; Above the city lights; Pressed against the rails; You gaze across the concrete vale; Your eyes lik...

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2. California

California with a busted headlight; Here we are dancing in the twilight; So just close your eyes; Cause we're still alone; When the sun goes down; It's too late to go home and you say; Where has love ...

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3. Kiss And Tell

You talk with your tongue tied; And speak with your eyes; Words could never reveal; What your keeping inside; It's in the way you brush your hair; Turning your face like I'm not there; You say there n...

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4. Love Before You Die

The moment you wake up; Startled and shaked up; With nothing but the radio on; You don't even listen; Just turn the ignition; And turn you back on everyone; Sulphur lights are passing by; All alone in...

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5. Refugee

I stumbled in a haze; Walked the streets for days; Past the church steps they won't carry me; I can see a distant light; But it came at such a price; Wear a mask like it's Halloween; Search the hills ...

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6. The Only God

Tonight I'm on top of the world with you; We crash to the depths of the deepest blue; This will be my newfound glory; I'll do anything that you want me to; Fill me with your symphony of darkness and t...

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