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1. Always You

I never took the time; to wait and see the day; and if I traveled all my life; I never found my way; Here, now, with nothing more to loose; whatever we go through, it's only you; Look at you, look at ...

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2. Ay Que Calor

You spice up the night; you're like the first; morning blue in the sky; I say you sweep me away; love can be easily; turned into pain; Now I don't need no other; so open your heart to me; Ay que calor...

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3. Chain Reaction

You and I both know; it ain't easy; getting down with reality; searching for the one; that sparks the right feeling; Creating live electricity; Hoping for a brand new hungry heart; looking out for som...

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4. Conga

Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga; I know you can't control yourself any longer; Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger; Don't you fight it till you've tried it; Do the conga beat; Ev...

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5. Cuts Both Ways

It cuts both ways; Our love is like knife; That cuts both ways; It's driven deep into my heart each time; That I realize; How it cuts both ways; Can't be together; Cannot live apart; We're heading str...

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6. Dreamworlds

Sunday Morning; sun comes up as I wait for you; a new day's dawning; I know that there ain't no other; But it ain't easy; doing your thing now; maybe you can make me feel better; it ain't easy; fool i...

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7. Heaven

I'm out and down; when you're not around; as we should be together; I know by now; there's a love to be found; if we care enough to hold on; Trough the pain the days are bringing; there's a place to b...

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8. I Need You

Like a Burning flame, your love is deep in me; it's like a storm inside, baby can't you see; I can't sleep at night, could this truly be right; you wanna leave me here, leave me out of sight; you said...

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9. No Puedo

Tropical as the morning breeze; a mi me encanta; he brings the world of the seven seas; a mi me encanta; magical islands and fantasy; buscando Antonio; that's where I was meant to be; buscando Antonio...

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10. Payback Time

Zero point zero, respect I got; from the local hero, the man at the top; Hold on, and wait a minute, my time has come; don't you try to deny it, where you're coming from; Well I rise from the ashes, o...

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11. Power Of Music

Everybody's moving to a heartbeat; stepping out in time; right across the city and the back streets; this is what you'll find; You step inside the rythm; everything's forgiven; can't you feel the musi...

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12. Sun

You, spice up the night; You’re like the first morning blue in the sky; I say; You, sweep me away; Love can be easily turned into pain; No I, don’t need no other; So open your heart out to me; CHORUS;...

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13. This Is Me

Talk to me baby; I don't know what to do; lie to me maybe; and I'd bebetter to you; You know; you gave up a chance to be; livin' in a dream; but I changed; I'm not what I used to be; cuase I know love...

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