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1. Jafar (Aladdin, Pt. 2)

(Hello?); Hello? (Yeah?); Why you kick my dog? (Hello, can I ask who's speaking please? You know damn right it's kerpal (skywok) it's kerpal; Toolie gang nigga (uh); Ralph store licka (yeah); Hit her ...

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2. Macho!

Damn my step mom; Got the fattest ass; Ay; Ay; Bitch suck my dick; Flip her like Sidekick (yea); I did; I just gotta a kiss on my private (boom); My bitch popping out yo tip and yo eyelid (what); Nigg...

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3. Outro

Yeah, oh; Hoe, hoe; Yeah, bitch; Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Sky-Skywok; N-N-N-N-Nigga, I'm that shit (uh); Put a fuck nigga in a casket (yeah); And a slut clit, finna pass it (boom); 'Cause these hoes too av...

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