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1. Cry Of The Innocent

A cloak of evil shrouds you; Has been worn by you for years; Your happiness is misery; Your peals of joy are tears; You stalk the streets on blackest nights; Wake children from their sleep; Their drea...

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2. Healer

What's been wrong with you lately? You hover 'round like the ghost of a child; Hiding some unspoken pain; All these demons inside you; And in this life it can seem so confused; So much ventured nothin...

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3. Kitten

I like the way you walk; Just like a cat so smooth; You like to stalk me like your prey; Before you make your move; Your hair flies back with; your tail in the air; I see that look in your eyes, yeah;...

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4. Slow Burn

Fast cars; High speed; Bright lights; Big city; Hard drugs; Quick succession; High dive; Fast descent; Slow burn; Higher the climb, the further to fall; The brighter the flame, the quicker it burns; R...

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5. Still A Child

I remember when I was a kid; Always something going on; But a few years of being young; Then it's gone; I'm all grown up now; I'm an adult with responsibility; Yes I'm fully integrated into; This soci...

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