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1. Blood In Growl

darkness is the future; the solution for my mind; I can't remember what's the glory of the light; cause the desperation is the resource of the past; I can't believe in the glory of the dust; This the ...

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2. Fallin

I have seen a world,near at this one (but); we can't reach this dream, we can't possess the wings; it's only an illusion, a better life; open your blind mind, the stars fallin' down (now); I am fallin...

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3. Follower Of Set

We are the damned; the sons of set; we can't forget; this time; the memory of... ; We are the new key; we are the fog, the death; we are the new world; Darkness coming like a viscid snake in your mind...

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4. On My Away

Something have hurt me; someone try to kill me; somebody have an happy life; someone -not-; I have this inside... I hear this; my soul is full of filth; is tired; wants to sleep; wants to go away; fro...

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5. Salem

Your soul is lost; is burnt in hell; You liar; your faith is death; you brathe the filth; your fuckin justice; the darkness is comin'; up your face; the death you have given; your fuckin hand; You hav...

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6. The Gate

You are fallin into the ipocrisy; you bastard leave your face away; I can't, won't see you; and your fucking life; Inside I can't remember my everything; inside I can't remember my nightmare; inside m...

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