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1. Black Mirror

Digital procedures are writing the lines of a new history; While I walk on the streets like a madbeggar; The shapes and colors seem so perfectly cold; It all changes, a black mirror on the ground and ...

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2. Burning Hate

Chaos time; The inferno is here; A place of false old values; A no man's land; Civilization; Equals enslaved mankind; The Media drugs society; Brainwashes minds; In the silence; Fading painful cries; ...

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3. Businesschrist

Destination: paradise; Reach perpetual life; I bless thee with the dollar sign; Salvation you can buy; God awaits your offerings; To forgive all sins; Bow down and pray for me; I'm your only God... Pr...

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4. Cortex Disconnection

Final visualization; Failing nervous signals; Petrified eyes in silence; My memories were deleted; [Bridge]; Darkish veil around me, a vortex of countless images in circles; Why has it all to come to ...

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5. Disturbers Of The Order

How many times will we suffer with this order? Uniform-dressed men causing all disorder; These guys don't care about the crime situation; They just walk on the streets spreading all their corruption; ...

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6. Monastery Bells

I remember I walked these hallways all alone; "As His shelter, inhospitable must be God's soul"; I could even touch the silent pregnant air; As the images of torture flashed into my head; Suffering ta...

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7. Pay The Price

Are you prepared to rot in hell my friend? Scum of what we call mankind; Crawl to your little dirty cave; (or I'll smash your god-damn face!); Fear the hate you've just created; Pray to the merciless ...

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8. Simulacra Simulation

(Lead - Sant`Ana); Welcome to the "real" world; Load your life from the system; Domination by the code; Cold life, bare existence; Your dreams on the TV screen; They know what you think; Through techn...

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9. The Hidden Mask Of Existence

Modern world, civilized man; Hidden truths, senseless rules; Who are you? what's in your mind? Behind the mask a mocking smile; Society castrates you, restrains your instincts; Your anger is channeled...

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10. Unleash The Raptor

Instincts aroused, breeding life; Setting you free from prison - prison of thoughts! Rampage feelings, riot intents; Breaking down the walls - high walls of gold! [Bridge]; Earth is not our property; ...

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