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1. All Masks Fall

What's your life? What's your breeding? And still alone; Fucking your life and tell me; This makes you strong? And what you have to say? I don't forget; Why; You live in lies? Suffer; I'm don't forget...

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2. Become

Dark clouds; Above the sky; Grey smoke; Front off your eyes; This time you're bleeding; This time you're deceiving; And now you have to go; And now you stay; I'm fading away; I'm tried to turn the pag...

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3. Demonized

They just don't know me; But judge me like a serpent; Leaded by the unknown fear; Portrays me as wicked and grim; Seeking to demonize one side in conflict; Generating robots programed to hate and kill...

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4. Let It Die (Feat. Chris Clancy)

Can you feel my sorrow? And now you pay the price! In your lies; I was believing; Always and asking why? Your flaws; Created my suffering; And no one, heard you cry; Creating my hate; Leaving old thin...

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5. Lost

[Dark]; What is a man; But a miserable pile of secrets! [Light]; God is with me, monster! [Dark]; That will be your ruin! [Light]; The stench of your soul is disgusting; I will purge the world of your...

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6. My Darkest Days

No words to say; And live insane; This dirty dreams; Your reality; No words to say; And living in pain; Your dirty dreams; Around your head; This dark answers; Inside of me; And someone to be; In a da...

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7. Suffocating Me

Your world in self destruction; (Destruction); Your mind in self destruction; (Destruction); And I tried to say; Welcome to your insanity; Inside a blind faith; You choose your destiny; And suffocatin...

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8. The End Of Integrity

Show your face before my eyes; Show me what you have inside; No matter how good you are; Nobody gives a shit after your fall; I feell I'm going under; The basics of moral has died; Changing the tears ...

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9. World In Grey

Words written in blood; The words of loss; With no tomorrow; Violence; Overtaken us; Leading us to the fall; To the fall! World in chaos; World in grey; Full of corruption; It's all in vain; What is t...

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