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1. End Of Times

Foolish humanity; Destroying where they live; Innocent blood on the ground; Listen to the voices; The nature made it's choice; Welcome to the end; only ones are pain and truth; and I once again; Dont ...

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2. Fallen

Searching for pieces of me; Sometimes I feel insane; Everytime I sleep; I'm not always sure; That there is a new day; Denied! The pleasure; Slave of pain; Whats am I? As a fallen angel; It's desperate...

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3. No Answers

The days are gone; and there goes my soul; I'm so confused, I can't control myself; I live refusing false offers; But in the end we all become one; Becoming one; I can't not feel; Becoming one; the pa...

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4. Scars from the Past

(I'm not dead; I believe in myself; rising from heaven; only time will tell); Now, this time and space; I'm still in the place; Somethings don't change; When I Look at your face; It turns the light be...

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5. Warcry

I fight! and never surrender; Breakdown; and over again; Side by side; of a great pretender; Seek the truth; or no more; Playing with your lives; right here; your pain inside; insanity! Can you hear m...

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