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1. Deadcell

DeadCell; Cold deadcell!! You know as well; what I have felt; For feeling down; for someone else; Holding you down; keeping you Down... Throw out your mask; I've got to figure you out; Keeping you dow...

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2. Drown

Drown; Mistaken i was; and taken from here; I couldn't breath for many years; This is the end there is no way; to get the hell out of this place; This is the reason why i'm drowned; i hope to see you ...

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3. Never Become

Never become; Never i will become; i won't be blind.. Never i will become; althrought these lies; Never i will become; those fools they are; Never i will become; tied!!! I have my own face; i won't li...

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4. Our Rights

Our Rights; This... is the end of our beginning; fighting for; fighting for; fighting for; Rights!!!! And now the fate will choose the way; someway i hope you're not afraid; we're nothing they say but...

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