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1. Don't Say Goodbye

I see you everywhere; Everywhere I go; But you are blind to me; Your eyes see me no more; I hope I lose my sight; When I think of you; But I still see your face; The face that I once knew; Chorus; Don...

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2. Rock's Alive

Rock's Alive; Rock and roll will never die; Listen to what I say; Cause rock and roll is still alive; And it’s here to stay; Well music soothes; The savage beast; Trapped inside us all; And music love...

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3. Runaway

Runaway; The reality of growing old; Is not so far away; As ageless time goes through my mind; I let it slip away; I search inside my head sometimes; For answers that I need; Seems I can’t reach far e...

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4. Someday

Someday; Someday we’ll be together again; We’ll rock rock and roll forever; My friend; We’ll live our lives as free; As a bird; We’ll soar so high and never get hurt; Cause freedom; Is so hard to find...

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5. Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why; Years ago; When we were young; We played around; We had our fun; But times have changed; They’re rearranged; We’re different now; We’re not the same; We’re lost in life; Playing silly gam...

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6. The Sword

The Sword; We drew our swords; And went to war; Fighting for our peace; We took the time; We drew the line; But never did we cease; The enemy we knew so well; Just wouldn? t let us be; We had to fight...

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7. Told You Not To Run

Told You Not To Run; How you doin’; Standing there; Well can you hear me; Do you care; Well I been down; Now I’m ready to rock; And I think about you baby, oh a lot; Oh, oh, I need your lovin’ baby; C...

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8. Warriors Of The World

Warriors Of The World; The components of the old system; Became weakened by the forces of evil; The rebels had destroyed them from within; A new system was then formed; >From the best picked warriors;...

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