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1. Blessed Be

Blessed Be; Cardinals And Bishops Sit In Pious Pose; Handing Down Their Judgements; Blood And Terror Flow; Preaching Their False Values; To Those To Blind To See; They Revel In The Slaughter; Blessed ...

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2. Death Of Innocence

Death Of Innocence; You Hear The Creaking On The Stairs; The Blood Is Pounding In Your Ears; Grotesque Shadows On The Wall; The Handle Turns On Your Bedroom Door; Your Bodies Shaking You Stifle A Scre...

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3. Ghost Dancer

Ghost Dancer; Out Of The Night, They Came With Bad Intention; They Had One Thing In Mind, Rape A Peaceful Nation; Their Motives Were Clear, There's Death Everywhere; An Insatiable Greed, Genocide, Ext...

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4. Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury; Out Of The Depths I Come To Conquer And Devour; There Is No Question, This Is Your Darkest Hour; I Brought You Famine, Pestilence, Disease; You Will Pay Homage, Or I'll Bring You To...

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5. One Step Closer (to Hell)

One Step Closer (To Hell); In A Time Of Fear And Purgatory; Of A Land That Weeps With Misery; Feel The Flames Of My Desire; Taste The Pleasures I Derive In; In The Dead Of The Night I'll Come For You;...

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6. The Awakening

The Awakening; Look At Me, I'm A Bringer Of Death; Trust In Me, I Demand Your Respect; Dark Wings That Softly Beat; My Facade Is Now Complete; I'm Angelic In Your Eyes; No Hint Of Malice In My Smile; ...

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7. To The Devil A Daughter

To The Devil A Daughter; In Anticipation With Fear In Her Eyes; She Lies There Waiting; A Purveyor Of Evil, The Terror She's Feeling; See The Beast Within Her Rise; She Invited The Dark Side, She Call...

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8. Unholy Shadows

Unholy Shadows; I Can Feel A Power, Surging Through My Veins; A Multitude Of Voices Are Screaming In My Brain; They Got Me All Sliced Up With Their Mental Knives; Like A Lamb To The Slaughter I Fell F...

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9. Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier; From The Fields Of The Ardenne; To The Holy Land; From The Bloody Trenches; To The Burning Sands; Young Boys Bleed And Die; Their Young Lives Slip Away; Death Comes With A Scream And ...

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10. Vampyre's Tale

Vampyre's Tale; When Darkness Falls, You're All Alone; I'm Waiting For You, As You Walk Home; I Taste Your Fear I Feel Your Dread; Am I For Real Or In Your Head; I Cast No Shadow Leave No Sign; One Lo...

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