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1. Cursed Destiny

Is this the face, you despise to hate; My desperation pulling me to the end; It's final, it's near, lt's too late; Despair i felt for years; Today is a good day to fade; Could i scrape the wounds; Inf...

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2. Death Of Innocence

You Hear The Creaking On The Stairs; The Blood Is Pounding In Your Ears; Grotesque Shadows On The Wall; The Handle Turns On Your Bedroom Door; Your Bodies Shaking You Stifle A Scream; You Hide Your Fa...

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3. Eternal Lies

The sun stop shining; When someone dies eternal lies; Angels are not saviors to the god that i sacrificed; I have no weakness, my strength you will fear; I'm not a believer of your eternal lies; Payba...

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4. Hell Hath No Fury

Out Of The Depths I Come To Conquer And Devour; There Is No Question, This Is Your Darkest Hour; I Brought You Famine, Pestilence, Disease; You Will Pay Homage, Or I'll Bring You To You Knee's; Hell H...

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5. Illfate

Looking at the mirror who do i see; Dark circles around my eyes; Desperate woman; Is this who you wanna be; Is it something i said; Why blame anyone; Maybe it is your illfate; It is your illfate; Mayb...

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6. Many Lives

Liars... Lies... Betrayal Makes Me Realize I Have No One To Trust; Religion Is Man Made, To Make Me Fear; I Wanna Die, Don't Need Your Sympathy; Everyone Wants Piece Of Me; But I Rise Above; No Gods -...

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7. Nefret

[intro-prayer "ezan"]; Praise your glory; here i am; The exalted are disguised; I'm at their throats; Vengeance on the world; Punish the disciples; Put them six feet under; Let them praise in my name;...

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8. Seduced By Fear

Fear is within, like dripping blood; I can't run from it; Awareness not helping; I'm lost in my words; Sentence me to my despair; Mentally mute deteriorated; Forgive me if i'm deprived; I fear nothing...

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9. The Soul Awaits

I send this false being to search my entity; Soul i have not seen awaits for me; Soul awaits soul awaits soul awaits; Emptiness i've felt disables me; Is there meaning to this senseless fight; Self de...

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10. Trauma

Trauma was my premonition; This can't be real, why me; Faced with this awakening; What is this suppose to be; I lost my innocence; Framed is this conspiracy; As i saw my child, lifeless on the floor; ...

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11. Vampyre's Tale

When Darkness Falls, You're All Alone; I'm Waiting For You, As You Walk Home; I Taste Your Fear I Feel Your Dread; Am I For Real Or In Your Head; I Cast No Shadow Leave No Sign; One Look From Me And Y...

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