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1. Before

This morning; I woke up on the floor; Thinking I have never dreamed before; And in the afternoon; The nagging thought; That I have never lived or else forgot; I tell you stories; But truth be told; I ...

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2. Civilian

I am nothing without pretend; I know my faults; Can't live with them; I am nothing without a man; I know my thoughts; But I can't hide them; I still keep my baby teeth; In the bedside table with my je...

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3. Doubt

If you should doubt; My heart; Remember this; That i would lie to you; If i believed it was; Right to do; If you should think; Instead; I would forget; All the lives i save; Were not meant for me; And...

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4. Fish

They who made you, they made me too; Quiet like you, violent like you; I see you there, wild in my dreams; When you return, go to the sea; Air is your permanent struggle to breathe; When you return, g...

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5. Glory

I see his eyes moving away from me; Oh no, is this another albatross? He knows he holds dominion over me; But what I gain is worth the cost; ; We share the cold embrace of cousins; I wonder if I've se...

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6. Holy Holy

Holy, holy, holy; There is no other story; Holy, holy, holy; It is blindly seeking my story; Holy, holy, holy; Would you like to know me? And don't fall unless to free; And lonely seeking as they need...

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7. Hot As Day

When the sun is its most bright; Stare into its light; Do not close your eyes; Let it burn into your mind; Then look left, look right; Let it make you blind; Oh, isn't that a fright; Birth, to eternal...

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8. I Hope You Die

In the belly of the cloud; I was released; You were released; Was it deafeningly loud? Or was it peace? Sweet peace; All the streets; All filled with sound; Because it's right; It's for the best; Stil...

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9. Shriek

In the sea of an eye; I was possessed; Kiss the meaning goodbye; If you're wondering; And the key which would be dogging me; Flew out the back; When I see it, will I will I know; I fear no information...

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10. Sick Talk

Spit it out (?); I can see if you can say; You explain; Still your meaning floats away; Quiet fails; It is present in its space; Do you doubt; Other voices in your place; Is this sick talk; Building o...

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