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1. Bought It Again

Your heart gave way; And nobody knew; When the smoke cleared out; There was nobody there but you; You came; And showed your face; Around here; Made it perfectly clear; That your heart; Gave way but no...

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2. Conversation Lags

The birds along the power lines; Have taken to the air; The cat up in the window looks; But doesn't seem to care; There wasn't any warning; And she didn't pack her bags; But I still miss her singing; ...

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3. Crooked

This is the night the insects appear; After 17 years on this side of town; Singing the songs; They learned underground; They've been missing so long; I'm surprised they're around; It wasn't meant the ...

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4. Don't Leave Just Now

The garbage trucks are on parade; The drivers smile and wave; As they go rolling by; The jets are out their vapor trails; Are imitating ceiling tiles; Across the sky; Don't leave just now; The Accuwea...

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5. Funeral Dress

So in order that you look your best; You save your money for a funeral dress; Skipped your dinner when you got the news; Maybe now you can afford the shoes; You're alive; Each and every day you're ali...

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6. Humanbrained Horse

Humanbrained horse; Ten cents admission; A wonder of course; But I have my suspicions; Is he smarter than me? Let's hear it; For the dreaded blue racer; He settled the score; And then he chased her to...

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7. Motorcycle

Sixteen motorcycles just today; Wonder what could bring them out this way; And they're all riding out of town; Looking for the one that turns around; And if they offered I would take it; A free ride o...

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8. Shunt

This expedition's; Gotten way off course; And now you're asking; For a man called horse; And I don't fit the bill; After stepping; On a lockjaw nail; Any remedy is bound to fail; If you don't take the...

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9. Soak It Up

You cut off your hair; Despite all the warnings; And burned all my letters; On your concrete block; I wasn't there; When they found you; In the morning; I found a bullet; While you were finding God; I...

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10. Yellow Cotton Dress

The yellow cotton dress; Is beautiful no doubt; But it becomes a motherfucker; When you fill it out; You're everywhere; The silverware you used; Is on the table still; Someone else will have to move i...

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