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1. Ask Son

[Intro]; Niggas, man; Fuck up, trying to extort me nigga? Fuck man, what? Global thugs baby; Crab niggas frontin for what? Pollyin shit; Word, come on god; What What What; [Chorus: Joe Mafia]; Crab ni...

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2. Bust A Slug

featuring Ghostface Killah, Ill Knob, Superb, Trigga; * skit for 30 seconds before beat drops *; [Chorus: Trigga of M.M.O.]; We famous decorators; Outlaws with the force, with the Money Makers; Wu-Tan...

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3. Ghetto Syringe

featuring 12 O'Clock, Napolean; [Intro: sampled]; Chaos struck nation-wide today as four suspects, including the; members of the rap group Wu-Syndicate and another suspect, 12 O'Clock; alledgedly have...

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4. Global Politics

featuring 12 O'Clock, Napolean; [Chorus (x2): Joe Mafia]; Global thug politics, every man in his argument; We form as one, who can abolish it? Projects the heart of this; Catch heat, but 4 novelists; ...

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5. Metropolis

Joe Mafia]; It all started with snortin up D; Breakin in apartments, rollin in stolen cars; Stickin dicks, trickin in strip bars; Fly niggaz, whips tinted, switch it up, cop granted; Onslaught twisted...

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6. Pointin Fingers

Joe Mafia]; My mic sabre track-slashin', rhythmatic navigator; Quasar dart flamin', Mediterranian; Catastrophic with the block logic mafia cat; Maneuv' swift, O.G. got some projects; Got the raw deal ...

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7. Where Was Heaven

[Myalansky]; This goes out to all my cats in the projects; Just livin it, still livin it; Thru the rough times and the bad times, the crimes, where was heaven; Must be somewhere here, though, for real...

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