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1. Behind Closed Doors

Backed Into The Corner; With Fear In Your Eyes; I'll Re-arrange Your Vital Organs; Your Intestines Are Devine; Hands And Legs Are Tied; Your Body Is Exposed; Aroused By Sick Decay; Your Face Is Torn A...

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2. Coroners Macabre Fleshfeast

Decorous Coroners Craving; Decapitated Corpse In Bodybags; Rotting Cranium Fragments; The Mangled Disassembled; Splattered Organic Pulp; Deranged Coroners Laugh With Glee; Nibble Severed Charred Remai...

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3. Embryonic Chronic Mutations

Horrid Cephalic Presentations; Malformed By Complications; Postpartum Brings Parental Grief; Syncephalus Bundle Of Joy? Nothing Can Ever Prepare You; For Abnormal Dysfunctions That You'll See; You Wis...

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4. Excav-eaters In The Graves

Excavation...Exhumation; Evisceration...Dampened By Secretions; Skilled Incisions...Lacerations; Putrefaction...Maimed With Perfection; Abducting Adrogynous Cadaver; My Tools Explores The Stiff; Purul...

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5. Eye For Pathology

Palpitation And Panphobia; Examining Corpses Is My Art; Studying The Defouled; Alone With A Cepthalomelus Corpse; Let The Dead, Teach The Living; Intrigued By Reasons Why They're Dead; The Marvel Behi...

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6. Flesh Ripping Torment

Insatiable Demand For Human Organs; Steal The Corpses And The Body Parts; Thoughts Filled With Innate Sickness; Exhuming Corpses From The Graves; Flesh Ripping Torment; Stealing Bodies From The Mortua...

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7. House Of Necrophilia

I Awake In This Goomy Morning; My Psychotic Lover By My Side; Awoken To Greet The Horror; And The Pleasure I Feel Inside; My Halitosis Breath Reeks Death; And This Unbearrable Aftertaste; Scabs Of Cak...

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8. Laughter From The Morgue

I Ride In A Hearse, Back To The Morgue; A Look Of Presage In My Eyes; Shrouds And Pall Hides The Hideous Form; I Love To Mangle This Fresh Corpse; I Crave For Scrumptions; Succulent Tumescent Viscera;...

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9. Posthumous Revulsions

Collage Of Splatter; Inhale The Putrescent; Festered Putrid Mess; Your Cadaver I Deflesh; Rigor Mortis Soon Sets In; Requiems Of The Decomposed; Maggots Feasts On Organs; The Post Mortem Begins; Incis...

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10. Toetags And Bodybags

Oxford Apartments 2-13; Stench Of Decaying Purulent Meat; A Macabre Scene Unfolds; A Cannnibal Prepares For Supper; Human Skeletons Found In Closets; A Drum Filled With Acid; Defleshed Torsos Of Three...

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11. Village Of The Damned

Withness The Occult Practices; Of The Lost, Forbidden Race; Uncivilized Vicious Tribe; Hides In Trees Till You Arrive; Trailed And Lured Into The Hive; To The Village Of The Damned; You'll Witness Uns...

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