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1. Dead

It's So Hard to see; Everybody's looking at me; Fuck off this world and everything; That has some vallew to you; My eyes feel like it's gonna burn; I'm feeling like I'm a fuckin bitch; Suck his dick; ...

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2. Idiot

He always knew that you were that, only he did not know what he would be going to fall in love me for you; You were loving he, and I was loving you, you were following with him that I was always looki...

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3. Prince's Of My Life

I am going to marry with the Prince William, you are going to be invited, oh I am going to become a princess, and our house is going to be enormous in a farm in Holland, with green lawn and a park in ...

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4. You Isn't My

one, two, three, four; hey hey hey hey; I know, nothing between us is similar, nothing is realized, I know; I hate your eyes, you already hate my voice; I want to shout to hear you, it is possible to ...

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