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1. Armagidion

In my zone; Ayy, yeah, yeah; Chameleon; Mi have a thousand style fi make million (Bun); On the strip with my south side Brazilian (One); Wan' live life in the hills, nah William (Give me wap); In mi t...

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2. Come Down

[Intro]; I'ma make your love come down; I'm just in my zone; [Verse 1]; Tell me that she's prayin'; Mama keep [?] , my love is for true; I know you're waiting, need to be patient; I'm coming for you; ...

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3. IN2

[Haile]; Woo, uh; I'm just in my zone; You'd be lying if you said; I wasn't something that you're into, into (yeah); Don't be stuntin' in front of your friends; You know what I'm into, into; Don't nee...

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4. Never Find

In my zone, ayy, yeah; No, no-no, oh-oh-oh; Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh; The love is overrated so I chose the commas (Oh na, na-na); I be juggin' for the good life, right through the summer (Oh na, na-na); You'...

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