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1. 101

One more cup to make it through. Three more hours to go till the paper's due. One more page, is all I need. Eyes so red I think they're gonna bleed. Quarter past 5 take it on back to my house. I feel ...

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2. Alarm Clock

Woke up this morning to the sound of an alram clock ringing in my ear. I rubbed my eyes glanced at my clock; hit my roommate James in the head with a sock. Rolled out of bed got to my feet and started...

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3. Country Roads

Almost heaven, West Virginia. Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah river. Life is old there, older than the trees. Younger than the mountains blowin' in the breeze. ; Country roads take me home, to the pl...

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4. Devil Is Bad

She was walking in the garden one day, when a snake slithered round her feet. Follow me right over to this tree and I'll give you something good to eat. I don't know are you sure, I don't think it is ...

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5. Dexter

Dexter was this little town my family used to live in. All my kin lived real close and everyone had an opinion. Grandma and gramps lived up the streets, right next to the walnut tree. Grandpa died of ...

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6. Hui

Came from Arizona with a twin finned board, thought he ride the waves. Five hundred bucks from a surfing contest, he headed off to the North Shore. Messed with the Hui and they took his stuff the wave...

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7. Jason E

Jason E strutting on by the presby. The way you walk, you slur your talk, can; you tell me. How could you choose the road you did, the walls behind you which you hid. Who do you blame, who should take...

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8. King Of Polyester

Pulled up as he parked the car then he took his little feet and walked right; up to the door. Went inside looking slick as snot with his smile so suave that the women all; dropped. Bag in hand with hi...

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9. Rumor Weed

Have you heard the one about alfred; a dangerous robot i'm told; he's got lasers for eyes; and a microchip brain; and his skin is terribly cold; (We've heard the one about alfred its strange, amazing,...

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