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1. Blast

Blast, blast, blast; Your head explode; Grin on your face and twisted mind; Sweat on your hands, excited like a child; Another plan seems to work out; The show will start, it's a question of time; Run...

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2. Bliss

High ideals, holly purpose; Sympathy for those who suffer; Gotta pay, gotta pay; For our needy brothers; Just a little coin; Don't try to be "tight-fisted"; The poor need your help; Come one, make the...

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3. O.l.a

Wiem, że nie boisz się iść kiedy wokół ciemno jest; Strach nie potrzebny, przecież dobrze o tym wiesz; Pancerna klatka-komfortowa-chroni Cię; Zamknięcie jedno, nigdy nie otworzy się; A wokół ludzie w ...

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4. Revenge

Walking down the streets you feel so fucking brave; And you're nothing but stupid loser who went insane; You look for your victums in a silent park; Say you're a hunter but why do you hunt when it's d...

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