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1. Bear Patrol

Above this city, I'm never coming down; Score some blow and Jager-bomb this stupid town; She looks so pretty all passed out on the ground; I want it all, I want it now, no matter how; Remember who thi...

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2. Dumb Bastards

Old friends, it's been a while; And where have I been for all this time; Off making new friends and faking smiles; Without a reason, without a rhyme; Something so stupid, selfish, I'm useless, helples...

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3. Enter The Gecko

I've had my fun; Now it's my turn; To loose control; To crash and burn; The twists and turns; The road ahead; The distances; Don't seem so bad; I've lost my head; Along the way; I still have faith; In...

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4. Five & Dime

Balance disrupted; Curse you all the warning's all have been sent; The deafening sounds; Grew with every cent and dollar you spent; I'm grinding my teeth; To get that bitter taste off my tongue; I whe...

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5. Popewad

The earth will always spin; Even without your highness; Faith, can never mend; The stubbornly brash and the dull; Scream cheat when you're unhappy with the hand that you were dealt; So deal me out; My...

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6. Such a Splinter

You fake it, and you take it in, but it's all wrong; The man they want you to be, red-blooded and strong; Bottle it up, don't fuck it up, toughen up now; Consent them and resent them, they must be so ...

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7. Train Wreck

It's about time we go to work now; Get a real life don't want to sleep right through; There's no looking back you can't slow down; You've got to find yourself a reason; Barreling fast towards disaster...

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