Wreck Of The Hesperus

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1. Blood On The Snare

I stab at the ethereal mask, The cross slips to the side, A question-mark forever... Amen. ; Hanging on our walls, Hanging in our homes, Hanging around our necks, It hangs us by our necks. ; I will gi...

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2. Doomed Ones

Look; Down here; 'Neath the dirt; 'Neath the earth; We rot; Crumble; In this dance; Of the doomed ones; Now; Lungs don't work; Clogged with earth; Discomfort

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3. Ignaminious Descent

Shattered angel; Washed upon; These barren shores; The boiling sea; I will command; All that falls here; Form an army; The anti-cross; So now you want to fly? I will give you the wings! Slaughter the ...

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4. The Dull Fog Of Eternity

What first appeared; A play of unlight; Has now solidified; Into a cold, black monolith; A tomb for your brain; for your frame; Commanding it to the; Depths of the ocean; No light down here; Just the ...

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