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1. Angeles

Gonna be free, one day we gon' fly; To the other side, golden ride; Ocean breeze, haze in the sky; Livin' like a champion up in the canyon; Smile on the beach if we could only reach it; Gangster parad...

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2. Birds

Where my arms are would be two wings; If I had my way with these; I'd never fly, instead I'd sing to the wind; My heart would never break again; Cause my lover is the sky; And I'm on adrenaline, livin...

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3. Cosmonaut

I was but a castaway; Infinitesimal particle floated far away; I forgot how to feel the feel the feel; May the force be with me to live another day; I lost my language, woke up savage; Might as well n...

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4. Everest

Oh, Imma make it to the top for you; Till my heart and my hands are blue; Gonna climb till you're mine; Gonna get to you; You shocked me with your touch; Now I don't wanna wait another day, no, no; I ...

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5. Fall Into Love

You never hear love songs on the radio no more; Is it cuz we're too scared to fall; Or is it cuz we're too cool; don't be so crass, I got somethin to say; Get off your bad ass, let's do this the right...

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6. Mars

There is no atmosphere for us here; We're in a dark place and starting to disappear; (Starting to disappear); The fire burnt down long ago; You can't make ashes into a pretty snow; (Into a pretty snow...

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7. Phoenix

Hide away; Cause if I ever see your face again; I won't be shy; I'll make you watch until you cry; I'm gonna make you wish you never walked awa-a-ay; I'm gonna make you, make you, make you; Make you w...

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