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1. 3d Man

Who's got creative control; What governs imagination; The object is not right or wrong; The answer lies deep down within you; What's wrong with expressing our feelings; Through corporate lies and busi...

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2. Another Nameless Face

Taunted and troubled, he raises his hand; Draws his fist, lets it all fall loose again; He's chained to his life, it's a walking, talking death; And he's losing his grip with every passing breath; Wea...

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3. Desert Grins

In the heat of the day, feel the power of the sun; Sweat burns your eyes like an acid shower; Buzzards overhead show no mercy for no one; An imminent death from the epitome of power; Now, look to the ...

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4. Draintime

I can see things changing slowly; I can see things, they're not there; Breathing and slurred before my eyes; Sitting alone still awake; Pleased to meet you, hello hello; My name is john, mister doe; M...

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5. Forever Alone

You walk around with that smile on your face; Making people think you care; What you don't know is I can see through your facade; The darkness overrides the glare; You better watch yourself. Be carefu...

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6. Gentleman Death

If killing brings guilt, does guilt bring shame; Am I blessed or possessed; Should I lay to rest or live my death; In power, fortune, and fame; Hypnotize, mesmerize; Every night pray to god; Doesn't m...

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7. Spy

I can see what you saw through my eyes; Every move you made I visualize; I dust for prints, I look through magnified eyes; I'm the confidant of behavioral science; And you're having a good time; Makin...

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8. Surrounded By Idiots

All through my life every day's the same; And they tell me I'm losing again; I can talk until I'm blue in the face; But can you tell me who's the one to blame; And what are you gonna do when we get ol...

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9. What's Your Pleasure?

The game is never ending; No escape; Here's something you don't understand; Well, that's your mistake; Pain for pleasure, pleasure for pain; Hooks through your skin like a needle in the brain; Parasit...

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