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1. Dolorous Shock

Benisons of doom beta'en therein; Where darkness dwells like inherent sin; Cimmerian pranks th' empyrean crust; A' peccables corrode th' air with rust; (Terraqueous) winds gird aslant; The high rock m...

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2. Flee To Freedom

Liar, lucifer, lord o' fallaciloquence; Hell's sire, I want my freedom back, and I'll tak' it by my own; Cos I brought him back to you, but you broke the promise; So that's what you gonna pay; Deceive...

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3. For You

Titan! Gods' despiser; Thou hast seen our sad reality; This godly gift was given; To those, miserable and poor; To thee the contention's given; 'Twixt volition and suffering; War's now sempiternal; Fo...

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4. God-Defying Typhoeus

Aye the bruit of battle resounded on both halves; giant Typhoeus and Kronion Zeus; shall soon exchange shots; the giant one body but many necks of lions and serpents; against the Kronides and his arra...

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5. In Metal We Trust

Ridin' high, ridin' wi' the wings of the night; Daybreak ecstasy, bring us final victory; The secret of steel will forge our metallic attack; Against tyrant's reign, genius of insanity; With chains an...

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6. Reins Of Doom (God Of War Pt I)

I am a mortal; In the service of the battle God; Malevolent deeds and actions; Were performed by my command; But now the time has come; When all must be undone; Tis in my mind; Revenge at last; So hee...

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7. Signs Of Wrath

I bedew their bare claptrap wi' lays of stout-worthy words; Thy writ o' fake fables lies in non-subtle souls; I mizzle thy mind grass like it does dense hoarfrost; Neither boisterous nor heavy, I heed...

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