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1. Before The Monumental Beast

Deprived and hated scraps; A slumber of intoxicated saints; that were delivered into vacuums arms; With great pleasure; Evil came to show the way to the cliff; Cruel and unpleasant story of life bound...

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2. Black Movement Conspiracy

There could be something more, in dreams I sometimes see. Perhaps it's false, and in vain I seek. ; Drifting on in this no-hope expedition, onwards as we sink. Damned; obvious as the oblivious is all ...

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3. Freezing Fire

I gaze deeply to black moon and burn my eyes; My soul bleeds as I touch the immortality. Trust, hate, the seed of power. The power of light, so lame it has died; Enthrone your vision to night; Path to...

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4. Glory Black

Crossing an eternal desert; the soul draught is constant; Your grace and the glory; in the skin peeled corpse; and gravity grows on you stronger; to drag you beneath the sand; to bury you belly full o...

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5. Hellworlds

Through a plateau myriad; The structures reach; Like a transdimensional plague; Something we never did confront; But stand affected of; A grand sewer that swallowed; Our race aeons ago; We reflect it’...

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6. Ion Storm

Am I not your super hero; Am I not your golden chain; War fixation, I won the game; Transmit this remedy; Transmit this gain; Prosperity - I'll came across you between the shades; With superior blessi...

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7. Sadicum

Like a pig squeeling in the arms of the reaper; I am a whore of creation; Oh grand lord to whom I in secret yield; Descending from your lap still weeping; Sadicum, I’ve made me hard; Oh lord make me c...

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8. Terra Limbo

Happy, happy execution, Misanthropy; At the outer limits, cold hate storage floor; AnNihil(N)ation, worthy a Painking that forged; a vivid plague to resound it's right-wing shell; So pure a hell, some...

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9. The Nation's Demons

Heights of defiance; manifesting; in the black lucid; from bitterness to ruins; No absolutes; No absolution; The Dead-end unfolds; supreme in it’s zodiac; The blood red sun; soothing the fury; A cosy ...

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10. Torchbearer

As seen through my eyes the world is already dead; Yet monuments of pain and death; Remain shells beyond emptiness; Beyond hate; The winds of war travelled through every life; Those who stood above th...

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